Alternative Robust Variable Selection Procedures in Multiple Regression

  • Shokrya Saleh Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Hassan Abuzaid Department of Mathematics, Al Azhar University, Gaza
Keywords: Model selection criteria, Regression diagnostics, Robust variable selection, Breakdown point


Most of the commonly used linear regression variable selection techniques are affected in the presence of outliers and high leverage points and often could produce misleading conclusions. This article proposes robust variable selection methods, where the suspected outliers and high leverage points are identified by regression diagnostics tools and then the best variables are selected after diagnostic checking. The performance of the proposed methods is compared with the classical non-robust criteria and the existing criteria via simulations. Furthermore, Hawkins-Bradu-Kass data set was analyzed for illustration.

Author Biography

Ali Hassan Abuzaid, Department of Mathematics, Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ali H. Abuzaid is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics with a concentration in statistics at Al-Azhar University- Gaza, Palestine. He holds a PhD and MSc in Statistics from University of Malaya, Malaysia. He is interested in the development of outlier detection procedures in different types of data and the application on real data. Currently, he is the dean of planning and quality assurance at Al Azhar University.


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