Some general results on quantile functions for the generalized beta family

  • Dreamlee Sharma Department of Statistics North-Eastern Hill University Shillong, Meghalaya India
  • Tapan Kumar Chakrabarty Department of Statistics North-Eastern Hill University Shillong, Meghalaya India
Keywords: Quantile function, Inverse regularized beta function, Q-transformation, p-transformation, beta generated quantile function


In this article we study and obtain some general results on the quantile functions for the generalized beta family and the family of beta generated distributions. Having described the standardization rule, we have derived the quantile function of the 5 parameter generalized beta family of distributions [21, 22]. Further, quantile rules for distributional model building have been applied to generate quantile functions of several known and unknown distributions. Attempts have been made to obtain and study the quantile functions of size biased generalized beta distributions and generalized beta generated distributions. Finally, we have applied the proposed results to simulated as well as real datasets.


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