Robust Liu-Type Estimator for SUR Model

  • Tarek Omara Kafrelsheikh University
Keywords: Multicollinearity, outliers, Liu-type estimator, S estimator, MM estimator, SUR model.


The Liu-type estimator is one of the shrink estimators that is used to remedy for a problem of multicollinearityin SUR model, but it is sensitive to the outlier. In this paper, we introduce the S Liu-type (SLiu-type) and MM Liu-type estimator (MMLiu-type) for SUR model. These estimators merge Liu-type estimator with S-estimator and with MM-estimator which makes it have high robustness at the different level of efficiency and at the same time prevents the bad effects of multicollinearity. Moreover, to get more robust features, we have modified the Liu-type estimator by making it depend on MM estimator instead of GLS estimator. The asymptotical properties for the suggested estimator were discussed and we used the fast and robust bootstrap (FRB) to obtain the suggested robust estimators. Furthermore, we run the simulation study to show the extent of excellence for the suggested robust estimators relative to the other estimators by many factors.


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