Convergence Analysis of a Stochastic Progressive Hedging Algorithm for Stochastic Programming

  • Zhenguo Mu College of Science, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Junfeng Yang Nanjing University, China
Keywords: Progressive hedging algorithm, stochastic programming, nonanticipativity, alternating direction method of multipliers


Stochastic programming is an approach for solving optimization problems with uncertainty data whose probability distribution is assumed to be known, and progressive hedging algorithm (PHA) is a well-known decomposition method for solving the underlying model. However, the per iteration computation of PHA could be very costly since it solves a large number of subproblems corresponding to all the scenarios. In this paper,  a stochastic variant of PHA is studied. At each iteration, only a small fraction of the scenarios are selected uniformly at random and the corresponding variable components are updated accordingly, while the variable components corresponding to those not selected scenarios are kept untouch. Therefore, the per iteration cost can be controlled freely to achieve very fast iterations. We show that, though the per iteration cost is reduced significantly, the proposed stochastic PHA converges in an ergodic sense at the same sublinear rate as the original PHA.


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