A General Framework for Optimal Control of Fractional Nonlinear Delay Systems by Wavelets

  • Iman Malmir mut.academy
Keywords: Fractional constrained nonlinear delay system, Fractional time-delay optimal control, Wavelet method, Fractional time-varying delay system, Quasilinearization method, Isoperimetric constraint


An iterative procedure to find the optimal solutions of general fractional nonlinear delay systems with quadraticperformance indices is introduced. The derivatives of state equations are understood in the Caputo sense. By presenting and applying a general framework, we use the Chebyshev wavelet method developed for fractional linear optimal control to convert fractional nonlinear optimal control problems as a sequence of quadratic programming ones. The concepts and computational procedure that are used for fractional linear optimal control are applied on fractional nonlinear optimal control. Different types of nonlinear optimal control problems with fractional or integer order can be solved. To see this, some numerical examples are solved. Another operational property of Chebyshev wavelets is presented.


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