GMM Estimation of Continuous-Time Bilinear Processes

  • Abdelouahab Bibi Larbi Ben M’hidi University
  • Fateh Merahi Abbes Laghrour University
Keywords: Continuous-time bilinear processes, Evolutionary transfer functions, Spectral representation, GMM estimation.


This paper examines the moments properties in frequency domain of the class of first order continuous-timebilinear processes (COBL(1,1) for short) with time-varying (resp. time-invariant) coefficients. So, we used theassociated evolutionary (or time-varying) transfer functions to study the structure of second-order of the process and its powers. In particular, for time-invariant case, an expression of the moments of any order are showed and the continuous-time AR (CAR) representation of COBL(1,1) is given as well as some moments properties of special cases. Based on these results we are able to estimate the unknown parameters involved in model via the so-called generalized method of moments (GMM) illustrated by a Monte Carlo study and applied to modelling two foreign exchange rates of Algerian Dinar against U.S-Dollar (USD/DZD) and against the single European currency Euro (EUR/DZD).


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