Nonsmooth Vector Optimization Problem Involving Second-Order Semipseudo, Semiquasi Cone-Convex Functions

  • Sunila Sharma University of Delhi,India
  • Priyanka Yadav University of Delhi,India
Keywords: Vector optimization, Cones, second-order cone-semipseudoconvexity (semiquasiconvexity), Second-order Optimality, Duality


Recently, Suneja et al. [26] introduced new classes of second-order cone-(\eta; \xi)-convex functions along with their generalizations and used them to prove second-order Karush–Kuhn–Tucker (KKT) type optimality conditions and duality results for the vector optimization problem involving first-order differentiable and second-order directionally differentiable functions. In this paper, we move one step ahead and study a nonsmooth vector optimization problem wherein the functions involved are first and second-order directionally differentiable. We introduce new classes of nonsmooth second-order cone-semipseudoconvex and nonsmooth second-order cone-semiquasiconvex functions in terms of second-order directional derivatives. Second-order KKT type sufficient optimality conditions and duality results for the same problem are proved using these functions.


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