Inferences for Weibull parameters under progressively first-failure censored data with binomial random removals

  • Samir K. Ashour Department of Mathematical Statistics, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Ahmed A. El-Sheikh Department of Applied Statistics and Econometrics, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Ahmed Elshahhat Department of Accounting and Quantitative Information Systems, Faculty of Technology and Development, Zagazig University, Egypt
Keywords: Bayes procedure, Markov chain Monte Carlo, maximum likelihood estimation, progressive first-failure censored sampling, squared error loss function, Weibull distribution


In this paper, the Bayesian and non-Bayesian estimation of a two-parameter Weibull lifetime model in presence of progressive first-failure censored data with binomial random removals are considered. Based on the s-normal approximation to the asymptotic distribution of maximum likelihood estimators, two-sided approximate confidence intervals for the unknown parameters are constructed. Using gamma conjugate priors, several Bayes estimates and associated credible intervals are obtained relative to the squared error loss function. Proposed estimators cannot be expressed in closed forms and can be evaluated numerically by some suitable iterative procedure. A Bayesian approach is developed using Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques to generate samples from the posterior distributions and in turn computing the Bayes estimates and associated credible intervals. To analyze the performance of the proposed estimators, a Monte Carlo simulation study is conducted. Finally, a real data set is discussed for illustration purposes.


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