An Ensemble Based Offline Handwritten Signature Verification System

  • Alpana Deka Gauhati University
  • Lipi B Mahanta Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
Keywords: Handwritten signature, Offline, Verification, Ensemble classification


In the field of security and forgery prevention, handwritten signatures are the most widely recognized biometric since long and also most practical. Although handwritten signature verification systems are studied using both On-line and Off-line approaches, Off-line signature verification systems are more difficult to compare to On-line verification systems. This is due to the lack of dynamic information, viz. a database which constantly stores the latest signature of the person.  In the paper an approach using ensemble methods are adopted to classify a signature as forgery or not. In proposed system, three classifiers, viz, one unsupervised, viz. Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) and two supervised classifiers, viz. Naive Bayes (NB) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are used as base classifiers. An attempt is made to compare the different approaches. We attempt both the categories of classification not only because both of them are applicable in this particular case but also with an objective of finding out which performs better. In most cases it is observed that Naive Bayes and Ensemble are comparable as they exhibit better performance than the other two. But among them, in most of the cases Ensemble classifier performs better than the Naive Bayes and consequently we have taken the Ensemble as a final classifier.

Author Biographies

Alpana Deka, Gauhati University
Research ScholarDepartment of Statistics
Lipi B Mahanta, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
Associate Professor  Central Computational and Numerical Sciences Division (CCNS)


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