Best Linear Unbiased Estimation and Prediction of Record Values Based on Kumaraswamy Distributed Data

  • Ramy Aldallal Department of accounting, College of Business Administration in Hawtat bani Tamim, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: upper record values, Kumaraswamy distribution, best linear unbiased estimation, best linear unbiased prediction, moments and product moments.


To predict a future upper record value based on Kumaraswamy distributed data, an explicit expression for single and product moments has been established along with some enhanced expressions that makes the applying process on mathematical softwares easier. The best linear unbiased estimator approach for estimating the parameters and the prediction of future record values have been considered and some important tables have been created to help in the calculation processes. Two illustrative examples based on a simulation study and a real-life data are provided to assess the performance of the introduced results.


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