A Full Nesterov-Todd Step Infeasible Interior-point Method for Symmetric Optimization in the Wider Neighborhood of the Central Path

  • Lesaja Goran Georgia Southern University, USA
  • G.Q. Wang Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China
  • A. Oganian National Center for Health Statistics, 3311 Toledo Rd, Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA
Keywords: Interior-point methods; Euclidean Jordan algebras; Linear optimization over symmetric cones; Full Nesterov-Todd step; Polynomial complexity, Control tabular adjustment problem, Statistical Disclosure Limitation, Tabular data


In this paper, an improved Interior-Point Method (IPM) for solving symmetric optimization problems is presented. Symmetric optimization (SO) problems are linear optimization problems over symmetric cones. In particular, the method can be efficiently applied to an important instance of SO, a Controlled Tabular Adjustment (CTA) problem which is a method used for Statistical Disclosure Limitation (SDL) of tabular data. The presented method is a full Nesterov-Todd step infeasible IPM for SO. The algorithm converges to ε-approximate solution from any starting point whether feasible or infeasible. Each iteration consists of the feasibility step and several centering steps, however, the iterates are obtained in the wider neighborhood of the central path in comparison to the similar algorithms of this type which is the main improvement of the method. However, the currently best known iteration bound known for infeasible short-step methods is still achieved.


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