GH Biplot in Reduced-Rank Regression based on Partial Least Squares

  • Willín Gabriel Álvarez Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam
  • Victor John Griffin Universidad de Carabobo
Keywords: GH biplot, reduced-rank regression, partial least squares, singular value decomposition.


One of the challenges facing statisticians is to provide tools to enable researchers to interpret and present their data and conclusions in ways easily understood by the scientific community. One of the tools available for this purpose is a multivariate graphical representation called reduced rank regression biplot. This biplot describes how to construct a graphical representation in nonsymmetric contexts such as approximations by least squares in multivariate linear regression models of reduced rank. However multicollinearity invalidates the interpretation of a regression coefficient as the conditional effect of a regressor, given the values of the other regressors, and hence makes biplots of regression coefficients useless. So it was, in the search to overcome this problem, Alvarez and Griffin  presented a procedure for coefficient estimation in a multivariate regression model of reduced rank in the presence of multicollinearity based on PLS (Partial Least Squares) and generalized singular value decomposition. Based on these same procedures, a biplot construction is now presented for a multivariate regression model of reduced rank in the presence of multicollinearity. This procedure, called PLSSVD GH biplot, provides a useful data analysis tool which allows the visual appraisal of the structure of the dependent and independent variables. This paper defines the procedure and shows several of its properties. It also provides an implementation of the routines in R and presents a real life application involving data from the FAO food database to illustrate the procedure and its properties.

Author Biography

Victor John Griffin, Universidad de Carabobo
Mathematics DepartmentFaculty of Science and Technology


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Alvarez, W., & Griffin, V. J. (2021). GH Biplot in Reduced-Rank Regression based on Partial Least Squares. Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing, 9(3), 717-734.
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